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The Beach at Shore Haven

Shore Haven overlooks the Minas Basin, home of the world's highest tides. When the tide is at its peak, the ocean water comes right up to the red sandstone cliffs and the bottom of our access ramp. This video shows our beach at high and low tide.

The receding tides reveal a vast moonscape to explore, with broad sweeps of sand, wave-sculpted rock formations and tidal pools. You can walk for miles on the bottom of the sea, often without encountering anyone else. We're sure that you will be fascinated by what you find, and return to the house refreshed from your ramblings.

The view changes with the weather and the time of day. And when the tide comes in over sun-warmed sand, it warms up the water and you may find yourself tempted to take a dip.

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The Noel Shore

Shore Haven is located on the Noel Shore of Nova Scotia - a bit of a hidden secret only now being discovered by visitors and Nova Scotians alike. Read more about the local attractions of the Noel Shore.